Satellite Imagery For

Defence &


Direct Downlink To Mission Critical Data

Monitor Infrastructure

Leverage unhindered access and high-frequency collection to see everything

Effectively Plan Missions

Valuable insights and advanced dataset for more informed decision making 

Track Personell Movements

30 cm Resolution and multiple daily collections keeps command updated

Very High Resolution satellite imagery provides unparalleled access to critical locations around the globe. European Space Imaging directly tasks the WorldView constellation to provide rapid delivery of 30 cm resolution multispectral imagery allowing commanders to have a full view during the planning, execution and assessment of any mission.

Assessment of opium cultivation and the destruction of laboratories in Afghanistan using satellite imagery

Read about this and more satellite imagery applications in the AEC INCITE industry report: From Sensor To Soldier – How Satellite Imagery Transforms Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance


European Space Imaging provides the highest resolution satellite imagery commercially available. Imagery with this level of clarity allows analysts to see vehicles types, personnel activities, individual plants and building/infrastructure construction details. It’s perfect for:

  • Identifying vehicles
  • Monitoring Critical Infrastructure
  • Small Feature Identification
  • Mission Mapping
  • Locating Combatants
  • Damage Analysis


We have access to hundreds hundreds of multispectral and hyperspectral band combinations – allowing you to see more of what is actually happening on the ground. Multispectral imagery can assist in vehicle/building camouflage inspection, synthetic material identification, vegetation health analysis and water depth assessment. Short-wave infrared (SWIR) imagery can even see through smoke, detect heat and identify geological minerals.

This has endless applications in mission planning and damage evaluation scenarios.


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3D models of operational environments aid in mission preparation, allowing key questions to be answered such as: Does our equipment fit down this street? Can a helicopter land on that building? What is the line of sight from that specific location?

European Space Imaging in partnership with GAF AG utilises VHR satellite imagery to capture and deliver rapidly generated 3D models of any critical area of interest.

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Marine vessel surveillance is crucial for maritime safety and environmental protection. When a ship has stopped transmitting an AIS location signal, it could be for a number of suspicious reasons.

When an organisation needs to locate or confirm the identity of a vessel at sea, tipping and cueing services and vessel detection software are the essential tools. Ships can be located in large areas of ocean using Synthetic-aperture Radar (SAR) satellite data and then carefully analysed used VHR optical satellite data to determine details such as vessel type, accurate measurements and identifying features.

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